A Look Into The Past

Oct 13, 2018

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre launches its frst narrative history tour under the “Zayed Approach” initiative

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre recently launched a weekly tour highlighting the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s life and his achievements and telling the stories of people who lived through his leadership and his life.

The story is told in the local dialect and by Nabati poetry to introduce the Emirati heritage and Sheikh Zayed's vision and achievements in many fields, the most important of which are heritage, education and the establishment of Abu Dhabi’s future, with a focus on his environmental approach, which resulted in the founding of Al Ain Zoo in 1968.

The "Zayed Approach" tours include ten main themes: an introductory synopsis about Sheikh Zayed; Zayed and education with the founding of the Nahyan School; the early stages of development; interacting with other countries; a journey through Abu Dhabi’s history; Zayed's experience in solving environmental issues; Zayed, the Ghaf tree and Houbara hero; Zayed and agricultural dream; Zayed as a falconer; and fnally, Zayed’s vision of the future of the UAE.

The initiative’s name was inspired by a poem of His Excellency Ali bin Salem Al Kaabi, Ambassador of the UAE to Morocco. He was close to the late Sheikh Zayed and was aware of his passion for poetry. The poem which he wrote describes the clear approach taken by the late Sheikh Zayed to lead the country and its people, and a clear approach is what Al Ain Zoo aims to deliver in its narrative history tours.

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