A New Start
As we are still in the beginning of the year, we still have the chance to drop the old habits and replace them with healthier ones. Go through below steps and see the better version of you.

Steps toward real good mornings

1- Get a good night’s sleep: as we are hard-workers community, we are not giving our bodies the 7-8 hours that are needed every night. A coffee cup may help you to be awake for the remaining day, but won’t help anymore in future!
2- Stretch as soon as you wake-up: to build strength and to increase blood flow stretch your body for 30 seconds. If you have more time Yoga will be your new morning best friend!
3- Morning Shower: a magical step will help you to be alert, relaxed and pleasant at the same time. If you dare add a cold blast to increase you circulation and feel more awake.
4- Healthy and delicious breakfast: Breakfast is a must! A good breakfast will help you to maintain a healthy weight and give you more strength and endurance. The best breakfast includes complex carbohydrates, fruit and lean protein.

After these four steps you are ready to go!

Easy tips for a healthy breakfast:

1- Protein: Protein keeps you full and helps your brain function better. Your blood sugar stay stable and will power you through the day.

From where you can get protein for your breakfast milk?

1- Eggs
2- Milk
3- Almond Milk
4- Greek Yogurt
5- Peanut butter
6- Oat meal

2- Grains: All grains are source of fiber. Fiber keeps your digestive system working properly and keeps you full as well.

Grain for your breakfast:
1- Oats
2- Quinoa
3- Whole Wheat Toast
4- Whole Grain Muffins
5- Pancakes made with oats or whole wheat toast
6- Granola

3- Healthy Fats: an ingredient that will keep you full. Healthy fats will help the condition of your hair and skin as well

From where you can get healthy fats for your breakfast?

1- Nuts and Nut butter
2- Avocados
3- Eggs
4- Flax seed
5- Coconut milk
4- Fruits/Veggies: make sure to add fruits or veggies to your breakfast. All vitamins that your body needs will get it from fruits and veggies.

How to add fruits and veggies to your breakfast?

1- Smoothies are always a delicious option.
2- Mix Banana and Oatmeal
3- Mix carrots and raisins to oatmeal

No excuses such “I don’t have time to prepare my break- fast”. Prepare it a night before!

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