Launch Of Artist Zimoun Bilingual Monograph

Abu Dhabi art gallery, launched the first book length project on the artist Zimoun. The book is a dual language publication with 175 pages. Zimoun is an artist from Bern who makes “sound sculpture” or “sound architecture installations.” His work has won numerous awards, and has been exhibited throughout the world, with major solo exhibitions in Paris, Korea, Brazil, the US, and beyond.

Zimoun marks the first time the artist has exhibited his work in the Gulf. Curated by Allison, this exhibition features five immersive audio-visual installations, including a major new commission, an expansive room-sized installation. The other four are site-specific adaptations of the artist’s previous installations, and each of the works is both a sound composition and a sculpture that is unique to the Gallery.

The exhibition runs until 1 June, 2019 at the NYU Abu Dhabi art gallery every day from 12pm-8pm and admission is free.

Zimoun Abu Dhabi UAE
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