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We all know that sleep deprivation, night after night, casues premature ageing of the skin. Filorga launches NCEF-Night Mask, a new miracle sleep mask for the tired skin that contains a highly regenerating formula that provides tired, stressed skin with the equivalent of hours of sleep. This sleeping mask combats lack of sleep through its action on melatonin and maximises the benefits of sleep by the same active ingredients as those used in mesotherapy injections penetrating the skin for superactivated regeneration overnight. An added benefit is that the result shows only 7 nights of usage. The mask helps in overnight regeneration and recovery and it is plumping booster with a combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It also acts as an intensive natural detoxifier and suppresses production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and triggers synthesis of B-endorphin, an opiod neuropeptide. The mask priced at AED 360 is available for purchase at leading pharmacies including Bin Sina Pharmacies, Boots Pharmacies, Planet Pharmacies, Health First Pharmacies and Community Pharmacies.

Filorga NCEF-Night Mask UAE
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