Sharjah Women’s Sports Organises Summer Sports Camp For Children

In keeping with its dedication to promoting a culture of sports and encouraging children to exercise, the Sharjah Women’s Sports (SWS) will be organising a Summer Sports Camp for children from July 7 to August 29, 2019. The camp is aimed at gainfully harnessing the summer break to benefit children by honing their physical and intellectual skills.

The camp will be held at the SWS Club for boys aged 5 - 9 years and girls aged 5 - 15 years. It will raise awareness on the importance of sports and foster a culture of physical exercise to enable the children to grow their individual capabilities in different sports.

The camp will offer creative activities apart from sports like basketball, volleyball, football, karate, fencing, table tennis, gymnastics and zumba. Other activities will include competitions, recreational trips and cooking sessions, in addition to art and craft classes.

Prices are AED 200 per person, pool is open everyday from 7am to 8pm and lunch hours are from 12:30pm to 3:30pm, advance booking is required one day prior.

Sharjah Women’s Sports SWS’ Summer Sports Camp UAE
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