Treat Yourself To An Eggseptional Meal!

Which came first the chicken or the egg? I might not have the answer, but Eggspectation surely do. The popular Canadian eatery has made sure they’d grab the day by its eggs (their slogan by the way), offering guests an experience they’d never forget. 

But the question here is, is it all that? Well, first of all, although the restaurant is known for its breakfast and brunch, I went for the unpopular dine-in option instead, and it was only right for me to go since it’s only a walk away from where I stay. There are three branches of the restaurant, one in JBR, the other in City Walk, and the most recent one in Sharjah at Matajer Al Juraina; the one I went to. With plenty of free parking spaces as well as the restaurant being located near the entrance, finding the spot wasn’t hard at all.

Equipped with both indoor and Al Fresco dining options, the eatery conserves an elegant yet simple upscale decor with soft delicate ambience, lively colours and urban structures all of which give you a sense of warmth and hospitality while you enjoy your meal.

The menu makes you turn heads with many options to choose from, and a detailed description to each and every item listed. As a tradition, I’d always begin with starters to stimulate my appetite and I’m glad that I did. I ordered the Smoked Salmon Crostini served with capers, red onions and cucumbers, with cream cheese spread on five toasted ciabatta slices. If that did not already open up your taste buds then the taste of it definitely will. I’d highly recommend you go and try it; the combination of salmon with the spread cheese lying on toasted bread with a twist of lemon added to get that tingly aftertaste, is something to live up for.

There are thirteen more starters on the menu that sound just as appetising, but my friend chose to try their classic Montreal Poutine; a mound of fries covered with smoked meat, cheese curds and the restaurant’s own special homemade sauce. A lot for a starter if you ask me but if you don’t really care about getting stuffed before reaching the main course then you’d thoroughly enjoy both dishes; adding that the fries were drowned with cheese and poutine, the objective was the more cheese the merrier.

With the main course we went full on, with Portuguese Pirri Pirri Chicken and Filet Mignon & Lobster Béarnaise. I’ll start with the Mignon dish since it was the one I enjoyed most. The angus beef filet is cooked to perfection, literally melts in your mouth. It’s prepared with two sunny-side-up eggs that is served with Béarnaise sauce and our Lyonnaise-style potatoes. Eggseptional meal to say the least (pun intended). The Pirri Pirri was also something we haven’t left untouched, the roasted chicken marinated with smoked paprika, ancho chillies and fresh garlic, served with sweet potato fries made it worth the wait. It took 25 minutes to prepare and the end result was impressive although I would have preferred if it were a bit spicier to my liking.

One thing we could never fail to mention was the dessert. A very heavy but sweet sugary treat, the S’mores French Toast is French brioche bread, stuffed with Nutella and marshmallows, takes a campfire favourite to the dinner table, drizzled with pure Canadian maple syrup and Chocolate sauce to finish it off.

Positives: Food is really good, presentation is up to par, and the service is fast, very helpful and kind.

Negatives: The restaurant is just around the corner from the entrance, the doors keep opening and closing bringing hot air in so make sure to sit far from there.


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