Authentic Emirati Restaurant Karak House Redecorates Menu With Refreshing Dishes

Since it’s opening in 2004, Karak House has been the talk of the town, with it’s homegrown authentic Emirati dishes served with Emirati pride. The restaurant gives you a bigger reason to celebrate and cheer, with it’s new redecorated menu, offering refreshing and nostalgic Emirati dishes with a modern twist. Dive into a sea of rich flavours polished into everything from breakfast dishes and main courses to delightful desserts and beverages representing local heritage.

The new menu offers Emirati classic dishes for breakfast such as the Egg & Keema Bao, Baith wa Tamat and Asida Waffle. While the The lunch menu features dishes like the flavorsome and fulfilling Detox Salad, Chicken Mandi, Lamb Biryani and Grilled Prawns with creamy lemon sauce.

Karak House gives guests a chance to choose between an ambient indoor dining experience or opt to dine on the terrace facing the Burj Khalifa.

Whether you’re down for a chat over a cup of tea or up for a bite, Karak House grants your desires.


Karak House Restaurant Dubai UAE
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