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Delilah Rodrigues

In November 2015, Saleh Al Mansoori and his Argentinian wife Tamara Tagliapietra started a special care centre for the welfare of little children who had numerous special needs. What inspired them to start this space was their firm belief in the fact that children with special needs need education and rehabilitation to integrate their lives into social settings, be it in schools, their homes and society. “It is one of their basic rights to live,” emphasizes Tamara.

Always passionate about this cause, the couple’s main aim since inception of the centre was to empower children who need special care, while also providing therapeutic support to their families. Their primary objective is to provide individual educational and rehabilitation sessions for children who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Downs Syndrome, Speech and Language Disorder, Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Social Emotional Behavioral Difficulties (SEBD), amongst many other learning difficulties various categories of services. “We love working with this group of children because they need to live normal lives like the rest of the kids. One thing that makes us love and respect them and pushes us to offer them all possible help is that these children are sincere in their feelings,” explains Tamara.

The road has not been an easy one for them. From facing a major financial crises to the lack of awareness about this cause among the general public, they have dealt with it all. In spite of hitting several roadblocks because of the relatively high costs involved in running the centre, the duo continues their work without any complaints. They also go all out to offer discounts and sometimes even provide free treatment for the underprivileged. “This whole process of doing what we do is very rewarding. Our greatest reward is the sense of happiness we feel when the performance of children with disabilities improves and they are able to succeed in academics and their social lives. Seeing happy and satisfied parents when they notice the difference in their kids is the greatest achievement we are proud of,” says a beaming Tamara.

Their humanitarian work has attracted the attention of numerous good Samaritans. The Center also receives direct support from the Hamad Bin Mohamed Al Sharqi Humanitarian Establishment that provides direct and indirect support to keep the center running. Kudos to the pair for their selfless work. We believe that the world definitely needs many such do-gooders who believe in inclusion for all and work towards making this world a better place!

Dimensions Centre Fujairah Special Children Education Rehabilitation Fuhairah UAE
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