Hydropeptide® Anti-aging Skin Care

On the heels of its recent successful launches at luxurious spas across the UAE, the HydroPeptide® range of anti-aging skin care products is being introduced at Dubai’s famed Cleopatra’s Spa. As one of the largest day spas in the UAE, this stunning Egyptian themed spa captures the wonders of Arabia and is renowned for its outstanding service, luxurious settings and an international selection of highly trained staff. The spa will now offer a new menu of stunning result driven, peptide-based facial treatments and homecare products.

HydroPeptide is an award-winning skin care brand and the leader in luxury peptide-based skin care. Revolutionizing skincare across the globe since 2004 through the science of epigenetics,

HydroPeptide uses the power of peptides as messenger molecules that works on a cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin's natural luminosity.

Each treatment and product are filled with intelligent ingredients and formulas that deliver over 60 different peptides in order to re-educate skin cells at the cellular level to achieve the ultimate brand goal of promoting healthy and beautiful skin, allowing it to capture its youthful glow. The natural and science-based products are free from harmful preservatives, chemical ingredients, perfumes or additives, and provide extremely result driven and effective results

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