Experience Portugal With Tivoli Hotel And Resorts

Portugal is on the rise as an up and coming hotspot for GCC residents. Tivoli hotels and resorts boast of 11 hotels across Portugal, providing the best destination for tourists and offering an exclusive experience of the culture. Variety of historical landmarks, beautiful beaches and delicious seafood. The European destination is also infused with Arabian influence on many aspects of its culture which is a good choice of Eid gate away with Tivoli.

Tourist can stay in Tivoli hotels in Lisbon for AED 1,367 per night, Sintra for AED 1,452 per night, the Algarve for AED 622 per night Vila Moura Algarve resort for AED 705 per night and experience the dining delight, visit to Monserrate palace, visit to pena palace, sidecar circuits in sintra all for different prices and different experiences.

Tivoli Hotels and Resort Portugal Travel
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