Easy-breezy Skin
Winter is here, so dry skin is here too. Winter is not your skin favorite season. Through this article you will find the way to protect your skin from dryness. Let your beauty glow up in winter no matter what!

1- Wash in lukewarm water: You will always prefer a hot shower in winter. But for your face make sure you are using lukewarm to avoid stripping as many oils from the skin.
2- Moisturize: Moisturize your skin after you wash it. it helps to seal the that dampness into the skin.
3- Protect your skin: When it’s too cold, make sure to cover your face and hands. Sunscreen is a must too. Winter sun can be damaging as summer sun.
4- Drink: Water is your skin’s best friend for sure. Make sure to drink enough water and if you add some lemon it will give your skin the needed hydration.

Drinks that will keep your skin like babies!

1- Soy Milk: Soy milk is great for bone health, but it protects your skin collagen and prevent wrinkles.
2- Green Tea: it’s a great source of antioxidant. It helps to decrease the redness and inflammation in the skin.
3- Pomegranate juice: to improve the skin tone, Pomegranate juice is all you need.
4- Carrot Juice: Increases your skin natural glow.
5- Almond Milk: for those who doesn’t like Soy milk. Almond milk is a good option instead. Contains many vitamins that aid in skin hydration.

Don’t harm your skin by doing these things:

1- Picking at Blemishes: it will cause a scare ,that will take too long to fade. And our fingers are not clean enough to touch our face. This will not help to remove them, pimples will come again to say Hi!
2- Over Exfoliating: exfoliating keeps your pores clear, but overdoing will cause unnecessary irritation which is removing the protection barrier that your skin has.
3- Sleeping in makeup: you will wake up looking beautiful if you slept and your makeup is on your face, it will give you dryness, eye irritation, and other problems that you don’t need.
4- Not getting enough sleep: Watching many films on Netflix or a healthy skin is your choice. But not getting enough sleep will give you dryness and, redness and dark circles.
5- Not cleaning your makeup brushes: your lovely brushes can be your skin anime if you don’t wash them! It will give you breakouts.

A small tip: your base makeup brushes wash them weekly, your eye makeup brushes can be washed monthly

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