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Well-dressed, fit to the core and charismatic, local influencer and TV presenter Nouraldin Al Yousuf is the perfect embodiment of this. In conversation with Delilah Rodrigues, the handsome hunk talks about his love for fashion, fitness and a lot more…

Tell us about your journey so far…
Being an influencer started by coincidence because I am a TV presenter. I started my career as a presenter in 1997. I have been using social media since I was in university –– I always used Facebook, but I started using Instagram since 2012, people weren’t really aware of it then. So, it all started from there! My curiosity about social media led me to becoming an influencer. Over the years because I create great content people approach me to do advertisements, collaborations and government events.

What inspired you to become an influencer?
I don’t think there is any specific person or incident that inspired me to become an influencer. It was a gradual process. People who saw me on TV recognized me and other collaborators kept a close watch. Post this, I was also called by many platforms to moderate panel discussions or even speak about me being an influencer and the positive an negative effects of it.

You are the brand ambassador for Technogym. Tell us a little about it.
I am also the brand ambassador for Natura Bisse. Technogym is basically a manufacturer of luxury gym equipment that combine design and a healthy lifestyle. They think I fit the bill because I maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat healthy and I am inclined to fashion as well. They believe that I am great influence on people and help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

What does fitness mean to you?
Honestly, fitness is part of my life! It is very important as it makes me feel good inside out. I exercise regularly, even when I am travelling. In fact, when I travel the first thing I unpack is my gym gear, then I head to the gym. Going to the gym helps me destress it makes me feel so much better.

Being stylish is something you are passionate about. What is your definition of fashion?
I think fashion is all about being yourself, about wearing the right outfits at the right place. Just avoid overdressing and being outlandish.
You are a TV Presenter, Brand Influencer and Emcee. How do you strike the balance?
It’s very easy. Things fall in place by themselves. I don’t push myself to do things that I don’t want to do, I do things that I genuinely love.

Rapid Fire:
• Your motto in life: Always be like a wolf with a strong personality
• Three words to describe your personal style: Easy, moody, elegant
• People who inspire you: Anyone who dresses well
• Your favourite workout: Circuit Training and Pilates
• One fitness tip for our readers: Focus on your core as it balances the whole body

Nour has 108k followers. Follow him @nouraldin

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