Through The Looking Glass
In these modern times there is more than one way to experience reality. You can enjoy the thrills and spills of almost any activity, no matter how terrifying or wild, by simply donning on a simple piece of headgear and escaping into virtual reality (VR)

For those who are new to the term, VR is a computer-generated scenario that simulates a real experience, meaning that no matter what the situation is that you fnd yourself in, none of it is real. The concept goes all the way back to the mid-1980s and has since evolved from the eye-soreinducing headgear of then to the over-sized goggle-like contraptions of today.

There are many uses to VR then with a majority including training exercises but perhaps the most use that's been made of it yet is for its entertainment aspect; so popular in fact that it led to Emaar Entertainment, the leisure and entertainment subsidiary of Emaar Properties, to launch VR Park in The Dubai Mall.

Offering a combination of virtual and augmented reality experiences through over 20 attractions, the VR Park is a virtual world for all ages, spanning 7,000 square metres over two levels. It focuses on the concept of 'shared escapism' with many of the attractions featuring multi-player experiences, allowing virtual interactions with friends and family.

Every inch of the place is designed to immerse you in the action, from the realistic designs to engaging every sense possible ranging from sounds to smells to feels. The interactives offered include:


King Kong has nothing on you as you don on the persona of Big Mike, a giant weaponised cybernetic ape fghting for its freedom from its creator atop a skyscraper. While the experience starts with a breathtaking view of the fctional Cavendish City, your peace is soon interrupted as lab drones (read: battle bots) descend upon you.

An ally, Doctor Plant, is there to help though! Listen closely to her instructions if you wish to survive this ordeal, keep your wits about you, and you may just ape-walk into the proverbial sunset.


Featuring the exclusive PresenZ movie format, this attraction gives users a taste of how next generation CGI movies will allow visitors to explore how future VR interactions will be as you step into a detailed world and come face-to-face with its virtual characters.

John Wick Chronicles

Grab hold of your MP5 and transform into iconic hitman, John Wick, as you step into the world of hired guns. Your frst mission is at the Continental Hotel, do you dare accept it?

Dune Bash

Climb aboard a futuristic Jeep and embark on a fve-minute hair-raising journey through the desert as you encounter camel spiders, scorpions, snakes and other desert nasties.

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead – Outbreak

Horror, action and storytelling come together as you step into the world of The Walking Dead. The apocalypse has hit, Walkers roam the streets, and you and your team are stuck in an undead-infested hospital.

PAYDAY: The VR Heist

Time to be the bad guy this time, and what better way to wet your feet as a criminal than to pull off a bank heist? Get the full robber experience as you fght cops and loot vaults, teaming up with friends as you take on jobs throughout Washington DC.

Hey, even virtual money is better than no money... right?

The Mummy Prodigium Strike

Play an exciting and pivotal scene from Universal Studios’ 2017 flm, The Mummy, as a Prodigium Agent tasked with capturing the ancient princess Ahmanet. As the Mummy grows in power, you must fght for your life and your team from a helicopter above and the ground below, battling hordes of ravens, spiders and, of course, the undead.

Unique to this experience, StarVR enables players to hold a physically accurate gun (AR-15), not a cheap controller mimicking the tactile feeling.

The Raft

Something strange is lurking in the swamp and it’s up to you and your friends to investigate the infestation of supernatural creeps. A fourplayer experience where teamwork is paramount, you will venture deep into the heart of the swamp, selecting weapons and employing tactics to combat your outer-worldly adversaries. With enemies emerging from the shoreline, the water, and the sky, it’ll take all four players to make it through the swamp safely. With a fre-fghting aspect involved, you'll be feeling the heat in this one.

The VR Park then is guaranteed to offer a frantic, fast-paced, and addicting environment with plenty more attractions waiting.

Most of the immersive journeys available are provided by Starbreeze Studios, the creators of the panoramic StarVR headset. With support for a 210-degree feld of view and a 5k resolution, the device provides some of the clearest VR experiences today.

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