Got Any Epic Travel Photo Fail?

Search for UAE’s Unluckiest Traveller by RSA Insuance returns in its second season from December 4th to 18th. RSA, a leading provider of insurance services in the region, today announced the launch of the competition to find the UAE’s unluckiest traveller with the worst travel photo. The two-week long campaign will give people across the UAE the chance to use their unluckiest travel photos to win a dream vacation – and redeem themselves.

To win a dream vacation, participants can enter the competition by submitting their photos gone wrong with details in the caption using the official campaign hashtag #RSATravelPhotoFails on their personal accounts on Instagram or Facebook. RSA is also giving travellers the chance to win free travel insurance on the next journey here ( where they can also browse other participants’ photos.

All entries will be screened by a panel of judges comprised by the RSA team in addition to leading influencers in the UAE. The winning entry will be shared on all RSA’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and the winner will be contacted directly by RSA to be awarded a dream trip to a destination of their choice.

Commenting on the campaign, David Harris, Director – Marketing and Distribution at RSA, said: “The campaign aims to address a global conversation on how social media is impacting our behaviour while on holiday. We notice that travellers are too consumed planning for their trip and researching the best Instagrammable spots that they tend to forget taking out travel insurance. Ensuring peace of mind is often a neglected priority for most UAE travellers due to the lack of understanding of covers available in the market. As such, we are launching this campaign as it will enable us to get closer to consumers and raise awareness about the importance of travel insurance.”

The competition builds on findings from RSA proprietary research around the impact of social media on travellers’ decision-making process for planning to posting about their experiences. According to the report titled “Travel Habits 2.0: Travelling in the Social Media Age”, 80% of UAE travellers would choose their next destination keeping in mind the photos they will be taking. The study reveals that 69% of people in the UAE feel the need to travel to a specific destination after seeing posts and photos on social media. Also, 65% of UAE respondents think that travel photos are the most important things in their life while the majority (80%) would be devastated should they lose these photos.

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