White And The Bear Introduce Lunch Box Stuffer Workshop

White and the Bear, the world’s first children’s restaurant has joined hands with culinary consultant Farah Sawaf to conduct their first ever Lunch Box Stuffer workshop, taking place on Wednesday 25thof September, 4pm.

As a mother of three boys herself, Farah will be spending the afternoon sharing some creative and simple lunch box ideas that parents and children will work together on to make lunch box preparation more of a family bonding activity.

The workshop has been created especially by White and the Bear because they aim to be the ultimate solution for parents by catering to a highly requested topic for creative and easy to put together lunches.

The recipes which will include two proteins and a dessert are, Quesadillas, Stuffed Cucumbers, and Banana Muffins.

A child, along with one adult, will be given step by step instructions to make the perfect meal. Each pair will be given a prep platter containing key items from each recipe that they can assemble together.

The children will be free to enjoy the meals at the restaurant or take them home. The overall package is designed for one child and will be available to book for AED 160.

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