Children Can Explore An Array Of Edutainment Activities At Sharjah Public Library’s Summer Programme

Sharjah Public Library (SPL), a subsidiary of Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), has announced the launch of its annual summer programme for children in the 7 – 12 years age group, which will run from July 7 – 11 at the SPL headquarters. Themed around art, culture and environment, the schedule will include three edutainment activities designed to tap the creativity of children and engage them in fun-filled activities.

The programme includes a variety of workshops. The first activity, titled ‘A Beautiful Arts Day’, will consist of two different workshops. In the first one, children will have the opportunity to make beautiful pictures using duct tape, learn about the colour wheel and how to create the perfect colour for their next painting. The second workshop will teach them how to make a variety of handicrafts.

‘A Day in Nature’ will have children wear the farmer’s hat while learning the fundamentals of agriculture during the first part of the activity, titled ‘Little Farmer’s Garden’. The objective is to teach youngsters to take on responsibility and be productive. The second part, entitled ‘The Little Chef’, will teach children how to make their own healthy meal, in a fun and interactive way.

The third event, ‘A Day of Fun and Learning’, will consist of two workshops. In the first one, titled ‘Origami’, children will learn the basics of the Japanese art and its association with mathematics, while creating amazing artwork by folding papers.

The second workshop, ‘Shadow Theatre’, will encourage children to explore their creativity in creating characters and storytelling and teach them how to present it on stage.

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