Spring Fun At The Zoo

Located in the capital, Emirates Park Zoo & Resort welcomes young enthusiast to a world full of fun, exploration and learning, until April 11. Campers between the ages of 4 to 14 will be spoilt for choice by the exquisite activities that are being offered here. Events include an art and craft session, excursions, interactive games, cooking, animal encounters, gardening, treasure hunt, exercising and a range of outdoor adventures to choose from. With the onset of summer, kids can also participate in engaging water activities.

Naima Mahmoudi, Marketing Manager of Emirates Park Zoo, said, “This spring camp program is a great way to keep the young ones busy and active during this spring break with an exciting and fun learning experience. Our programs consist of a variety of delightful activities that cater to all kids. All these edutainment sessions are perfect ingredients for a healthy and active lifestyle.”

The spring camp is priced at AED 160 daily, AED 800 per week and AED 1280 for two weeks. Transportation can also be provided for only AED 150 per child in a week.

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