Fuchsia Urban Thai Review

Experience contemporary Thai cuisines offered by Dubai's Fuchsia Urban Thai

 When you crave Thai food for brunch on a weekend, you don’t ask questions, you just go treat yourself. And what better way for me to enjoy Thai cuisines than to head over to Fuchsia Urban Thai, a contemporary Thai restaurant bringing popular Thai favourites to Dubai. With two dine-in outlets, one in Business Bay Square and the other in Barsha Heights, Fuchsia is here to stay.

Ayman Zain

Although the restaurant usually gets busy around weekends, my partner and I managed to find a table with ease. The place was easily accessible with available parking spots for visitors (free for 2 hrs only).

Interiors are tastefully designed, minimal yet lovely, with a blend of lively colours, mostly pink and purple. The lighting is mostly natural lighting with a few hanging vintage lights, all of which, adds to the ambient atmosphere, bringing a relaxed warm vibe while you dine. Fuchsia has provided a child’s play area for the little ones so you can keep your kid distracted. You can also enjoy a quick game of table tennis on a pink table while waiting for your food to be served. Yes pink!

As we sat, my partner and I needed to cool off after coming from the outside heat, so we both ordered fresh coconut water, which immediately revitalised our senses. At first glance at the menu, every dish sounded appetising with a separate Very Vegan menu section and one with the restaurant’s specials. If you’d like to begin with starters to open your appetite you can choose a selection of Corn Fritters, Vegetable spring Rolls, and freshly prepared Crispy Morning Glory but when hunger strikes, starters can’t satisfy the demons, so we chose to dive straight into the good stuff.

I started my food journey with some Tom Yum Chicken Soup seasoned with fresh Thai herbs, mushrooms and lemon grass. The soup was nothing less than delicious and satisfying. But of course, I made sure I’d leave room for the main course. Fuchsia has prepared a wok special section with dishes like Beef with Garlic, flavourful fried wok quinoa, salmon with lychee, special house blend green curry with chicken, and lamb shank with yellow curry.

I was recommended to try the Beef with Garlic dish with a side of purple rice, after professing my love for beef, and so I did. My partner took a liking to their Noodles and ordered herself Pad Thai with chicken served with bean sprouts, egg, garlic and ground peanuts. We were asked how spicy we would like our dishes prepared, to which I carefully chose medium spices, to not get overwhelmed with the hotness and to preserve the rest of the flavours.

I’m glad to say I was not disappointed, the Beef with Garlic dish tasted spectacular. The beef tinder is like butter, actually melts on your tongue. The spices were a bit too much on the safer side for me, and so I added some Sriracha sauce from the table to the mix; the flavours reached perfection. The purple rice side was welcoming along with the beef. My partner was pleased with her Pad Thai dish, so I had to dig in too and let’s say before we knew it the plate was empty. It was clear that Fuchsia paid close attention to quality ingredients that create scrumptious and nutritious dishes.

Our journey could not reach its end without us trying out their bestseller Thai dessert, Sticky Rice with Mango dressed in coconut milk. The combination worked like a charm. Sweet and just right, the dessert was delightful and not too heavy.

So final verdict, would I visit again? I’d definitely would, and so should you.

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