Desert Driving Tips

Ford has released a series of helpful videos to help encourage drivers to take to the desert over the winter months.

 The desert is both a beautiful and potentially dangerous place to drive but a few simple steps can help minimize the risks before you venture into the great outdoors.

 Preparation is key to enjoying a fun day out into the sand- says Christoph Baur, Ford MEA Powertrain  Engineering Supervisor and series co-host.


Here are some of the excerpt of the tips from his videos:


"make sure your car is ready for your trip. Always start with a full tank of fuel, and make sure that it has had a recent service and that the oil level and coolant levels are topped up"

 "The most important thing is that you store your equipment safely so that it doesn’t bounce around the cabin as you drive – and it’s a good idea to check your gear regularly to make sure everything is still in good order."

 Pack the car with plenty of food and water for you and your passengers

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