Fulfill Your Dessert Cravings On Bastille Day In Dubai’s Couqley French Bistro

Whether you love France for its charming beauty or because you simply love French food and sweets, Bastille Day, also referred to the French, as La Fete Nationale or Le 14 Juillet is when to show it.

Set at the July 14th, Couqley French Bistro gives you a chance to celebrate the occasion. So prepare to fulfill your dessert cravings with a limited edition special Dôme croustillant choco-framboise, a raspberry flavored mousse that is coated entirely in dark chocolate while also sitting on a bed of chocolate croustillant. All for the love of French chocolate the dessert is for only AED 47 and you also get free mini onion soup with every meal, courtesy of the restaurant. July 14th never sounded so sweeter!

Couqley French Bistro Bastille Day Dubai UAE
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