4 Family-friendly Dubai Restaurants To Celebrate Eid Al Adha At
Eid Al Adha is an annual Islamic celebration that traditionally brings families together to share a generous feast. Whether you are looking for a traditional meal or something with a contemporary twist, Dubai has a mélange of restaurants where you can take your family out for a delectable meal and here are our top four picks:

SIKKA Café, La Mer and City Walk

If you are looking to enjoy a traditional Eid feast, then SIKKA Café is the place for you. It serves Emirati cuisine with influences from Persia and India.

The set breakfast menu offers a platter of Arabic cheeses, dates filled with chami, dangaw - lightly spiced boiled chickpeas, as well as falafel with tahina sauce and a small bowl of fresh vegetables. To satisfy a sweet craving, try their Chebab - an Emirati twist to the classic pancakes served with date syrup and cream cheese or honey. Diners can also enjoy a choice of Baith Tamat, Emirati scrambled eggs with tomatoes and light spices, or Shakshuka, a dish of eggs baked in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, commonly spiced with cumin, paprika and cayenne pepper, or two eggs cooked any style. The breakfast package also includes non-caffeinated beverages including laban (buttermilk) or a selection of fresh juices, as well as local tea and traditional coffee.

Dh124 for two people

For lunch or dinner, the set menu provides diners the opportunity to savour 11 signature dishes in sample-sized portions, combining the aforementioned three cuisines. The spread comprises three cold mezzes and three hot mezzes followed by a hearty main course that includes Machbous, Persian Kebabs and Butter Chicken. For dessert, you can indulge in the delicious Baked Labneh Cheesecake with date jam and Legaimat dipped in honey or date syrup. The SIKKA Experience can be enjoyed during lunch and dinner hours.

Dh129 per person

Homestead Restaurant and Bakery, Al Khawaneej

A homegrown eatery which serves up an eclectic menu mixing a plethora of cuisines with strong undertones of Emirati, Indian and Persian fare. The meals are prepared using local, organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Signature dishes include the Butter Chicken, Diyay Tahta – an Emirati-style biryani and Kanaad Machbous – the famous fried kingfish served with traditional Emirati spiced rice. Wrap up your meal with a traditional dessert like the Berries Pavlova - a light and creamy dessert consisting of a meringue crust that is crisp on the outside and soft and light inside and topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Dh95 per person

Poco Loco, The Beach

Sample contemporary creations from the recently revamped menu. For starters, foodies will love the Queso Fundido, which is a table-side cheese fondue with mixed melted cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes and avocado served with home-made soft taco bread. Diners can then tuck into the Tostada de lengua and Smashed Potato tostadas and taco lovers should try the Crispy Shrimp taco and Duck Confit taco.

For your mains, there is the Arroces (rice dishes) that include non-vegetarian options such as Seafood and Baby Chicken, as well as the La Poblana Veggie for the vegetarians. End your meal with some out-of-the-box dessert selections such as Sweet Nachos with pomegranate seeds, red berries dip, pistachio ice cream and chocolate sauce, the Cuban Delight – a citrus yoghurt tart with Cuban smoked foam and cactus macaroon, topped with a maraschino cherry - and the Tres Leches which is a triple milk-soaked sponge with lemon cream and pistachio.

Dh115 per person

Cocoa Kitchen, City Walk

Enjoy a novel way to feast this Eid Al Adha by celebrating through chocolate – the world’s best-loved ingredient - as each dish makes use of it in some way be it their hummus, smoked aubergine moutabel, crispy fried falafels, merguez (a red, spicy mutton- or beef-based fresh sausage from Maghrebi cuisine) or pine nut dumplings.

For the mains, diners can enjoy Wagyu Cocoa Crusted Cheese Burger, cooked with 75 per cent Tanzanian cocoa, white chocolate mayo, chocolate brioche bun with Peruvian Ato el Sol 65 per cent cocoa ketchup and fries, Balsamic slow-cooked Lamb Shank with roasted Romano pepper and ancient herbed grains and 70 per cent Cuban cocoa, Butternut squash and 100 per cent cocoa ravioli, with ricotta, pine nuts, and cocoa nib tuille and the CK Butter Chicken cooked with 34 per cent Zephyr white chocolate with paratha and pickle.

The cocoa-centric restaurant has a range of mouthwatering desserts you can’t resist. Chocolate treats on offer include the Must Try CK Chocolate Eclair with six flavours of chocolate mousse and gold and silver cocoa nibs and the Saint Domingue Dark Chocolate Brownie, served with Papua New Guinea milk chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Dh130 per person
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