App-y Travels
Gone are the days of unfolding comically large maps, carrying compasses and miming your way through a foreign country on your travels. These days, all you need is a smartphone, a few apps, and all your trip troubles can be squared away with a few simple taps and flicks.

Here are seven fab apps to download before jetting off on your next adventure:

Available on iOS and Android platforms

The average person roughly speaks two languages. Google Translate, on the other hand, can help out with 103, albeit roughly, through typing alone. These include Afrikaans, German, Greek, Sindhi, Persian, Zulu, and Pashto, to name just seven.

Offline translation of 59 languages is also available, as is instant camera translation of 38 languages by simply snapping an image of a foreign phrase. One especially cool feature is that the database also supports translations - 32 languages - of on the fly verbal conversations.

Try translating this phrase: La tecnologia è una cosa meravigliosa.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

If you like to work off other people's recommendations when it comes to deciding where to stay, what to see, and where to eat, then look no further than TripAdvisor where the masses amass to leave their reviews and comments. You can even post specific questions you may have regarding a particular experience or destination and expect a response from the managing authority or representative as well.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

Your tour guide is now in your pocket and on-hand 24/7. On GPSmyCity, not only can you read thousands of inspiring travel articles written by writers from all over the world, but it will also navigate you to said gems. The maps are detailed as well as available offline, and you can even create your own walking tour.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

Packing is a headache, and it's a common truth that every passenger feels as if they've forgotten something when heading to the airport. PackPoint's here to help travellers get organised by offering a neat planning platform where it helps you create a packing list based on your length of travel, the weather at your destination, and any activities you've planned during your trip.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

Hopper uses big data to predict and analyse airfare prices to find the cheapest price, and the average amount people save by using it is currently USD50 per flight.

You simply input the dates you want to travel, along with the location you want to visit and then either make a booking or, if you’re unhappy with the price, you select the 'watch' option. Then, expect a notification about a change of price with either a recommendation to book now if Hopper doesn't predict a better price or one that asks you to wait as it sees the price dropping.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

A personal flying assistant in an app, App in the Air will keep you up-todate with your flight by providing real-time statuses, airport tips as well as in-airport navigation maps.

You can see details of your upcoming flight, check in, and even load your e-boarding pass, and this works offline as well. If any changes, you'll get a quick text to update you.

Available on iOS and Android platforms

One of the biggest worries when dealing with foreign currency is the fear of being had - you never know who's out to skim a little. XE Currency provides live exchange rates and charts - updated every minute - so you can easily calculate the equivalent of any one currency into another. You can monitor up to 10 currencies at once and receive immediate notification when it changes. It also works offline, basing calculations off the last updated exchange.
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