Beauty With A Purpose

Call her a fashion stylist, a cancer fighter or a fashion influencer, Yasmin Yousri is a force to reckon with. In spite of all the hardships in life, she has always come out a winner and lives life to the fullest. In conversation with Delilah Rodrigues, the Egyptian national talks about her passion, her three-time conquest over cancer and a lot more…  

Tell us about your journey so far… 
I graduated from faculty economics and political sciences. Thereafter, I worked for 19 years in multinationals companies and banks. In fact, I started working ever since I was a college student. Eventually, I decide to quit my job and chase my dream as fashion stylist and a motivational speaker.

What inspired you to become a fashion and lifestyle blogger? 
My battle with cancer was my main motivation that led me to become a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is the way of expressing your identity. It is a means of showing others who you are through your clothes choices. As a fashion stylist I can identify the personality of my clients through their sense of fashion. 

You beat cancer thrice. How has it impacted your life?
It changed a lot in my life. It made me stronger. It made me love life more and I began looking at everything from a positive angle. I now believe that you should never lose hope and nothing is impossible. 

The society is judgmental about cancer patients. What is your response to this?
Although there are a lot of awareness campaigns about the disease itself, yet there aren't many that deal with cancer fighters/ survivors. I want cancer patients to be treated like normal people. All I will say is don't be afraid to hire a former cancer patient, don't be afraid to marry a former cancer patient, don't be afraid to speak to a person suffering from cancer and do not give them pity. They don't want it. They want you to understand what they're going through.

As an influencer, how do you spread awareness about cancer?  
My followers look up to me as a source of inspiration and I want to maintain this level of trust. Apart from this, I always try to be a part of Cancer Awareness Campaigns and volunteer a lot


Your motto in life: Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

One word to describe your personal style: Pattern lover

Fashion labels you love: Dolce and Gabbana, DVF, Kenzo, Moschino

People who inspire you: My Mom, my caregiver

Your Advice to budding bloggers: Be yourself, be genuine!

Yasmin has 230K followers on Instagram. Follow her @yasminyousri_

Yasmin Yousri Blogger Dubai UAE
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