Mirages Of The Mind
We all love to be faced with a puzzle and put our mental prowess to the test. Now, instead of scouring online for brainteasers, people in the UAE can go to a museum specifically dedicated to tricking
Island Of Imagination
When someone says Sharjah, the mind often doesn't associate anything further than the term "terrible traffic", and very rarely does anyone choose to drive over to the third most populous city in the U
Your Guide To Visiting The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
It was sometime in the 1980s when the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan ('Zayed the Great') began contemplating the idea of building a mosque. A special place that would not only be used as a cen
Picture Perfect
The city of superlatives recently added another achievement to its long-list of world records with the opening of the 'World's Largest Picture Frame' earlier this year – the Dubai Frame. Nestled w
Through The Looking Glass
In these modern times there is more than one way to experience reality. You can enjoy the thrills and spills of almost any activity, no matter how terrifying or wild, by simply donning on a simple pie
In Full Bloom
A city of steel architecture and an ultra-modern landscape with a desert environment that severely limits gardening options, Dubai can’t really be thought of as green. So it was nothing short of mar
Treat Yourself To An Eggseptional Meal!
Which came first the chicken or the egg? I might not have the answer, but Eggspectation surely do.
Indulge In A Tropical Getaway At Ve
Nestled within Noonu Atoll’s constellation of islands is Velaa Private Island, an exclusive destin
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16 July, 2019
20 May, 2019
20 May, 2019
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