Local Flavour, Global Spice
Before he moved to Hanoi, Vietnam from Abu Dhabi a few years ago, my friend Danny told me of a local delicacy (if I can use that term loosely) of his soon-to-be home that consisted of a cobra heart be
Restaurant Review: Suvoroff
There is an old Russian saying that, when translated, means: “Appetite comes with the meal” meaning that an activity grows on you once you start practising it. This applies, too, to Russian dining
Fresh From 'down Under'
When it comes to food trends and fads, the UAE's most populous cities - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah - are quick to satisfy the demand. Al Ain, on the other hand, is a bit slow on the uptake with not as
A Shamrock In The Garden City
The Irish consume on average 131.1 litres of beer per year, making Ireland the second highest per-capita country in consumption after the Czech Republic. So, it is no surprise that many of the UAE’s
Honeymoon Staycation At The H Resor
The H Resort Beau Vallon beach is a lovely intimate resort in Seychelles, best for honeymoon and vac
Top 5 Mosques To Discover During Ei
As we celebrate Eid al fitr, this is a highlight of where travellers would find the most inspiring m
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20 May, 2019
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