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  "Gardening Joy"
I just wanted to write in and say how great it was to read your From little spaces, gardens can grow article. As someone who’s always wanted her own garden – but never got the chance to because I’ve been living in apartments my entire life–it was lovely to read all about how I can be on my way to getting one!

Can’t wait to get st
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Fatima hussain

  "Our Letter of the Month - January 2016
Poinsettia challenge fun!"

Thank you for the poinsettia challenge in your December issue. My kids are usually plugged into their gaming systems, phones, or iPads, but this challenge changed all of that.

We spent an hour together laughing, joking, planning and looking for those well-hidden signs of the holiday season. While looking, we learned all about w
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Mary arthurs

  "Thanks for a fun competition"

Thank you OL for continuing your tradition of ‘hiding’ festive objects in your pages. Two years ago you gave us Spot the Boxes; in 2014 you had us hunting for candy canes through your pages and now your December 2015 issue has had us searching high and low for five poinsettias.

We had such a fun time looking for them becaus
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Mary-Jo gonzales

  "Winning thanks"
I was the lucky winner of the Oasis Living competition for tickets to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra’s concert The Music of James Bond . I really enjoyed hearing

this month’s winner is Mary arthurs who wins a greek night theme dinner for two in Zest at al ain rotana these upbeat, exciting tunes being played by such a g
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Joanna leigh

  "what an evening!"

I have just got home from an absolutely amazing evening spent at Jahili Fort listening to the music of James Bond, delivered by the city of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (December 9). I am still ‘buzzing’ and wanted to write to you to say how much we appreciate Abu Dhabi Classics bringing such quality performers to entertain us. We al
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Dave Kingston

  "Flowering tribute"

I’d just like to write in to say what a novel idea it was to introduce a gardening story which had, as its focus, wild flowers for the garden – and more especially your writer’s slant on the colour choices representing the UAE flag.

It was indeed a very nice tribute to the country’s National Day and if I can make my ga
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Dolly-p Kurian

  "Our Letter of the Month - December 2015
Happy Birthday Oasis Living!"

Five years? Where does the time go? Let me be the first to offer birthday wishes for this great accomplishment. Although I have not been in Al Ain for the entire five years that you’ve been providing such great information ‘all about life and living in Al Ain’, the three years that I’ve been reading you since my arrival has certai
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Colleen Walley

  "Happy Birthday and Thank you"

May I wish your magazine a “Happy 5th Birthday!” and many happy returns, too! Thank you very much for the extensive coverage of the many live music concerts in Al Ain in your November’s music-themed edition!

The additional interviews with music teachers; and the reports on the ISO concert, along with its remarkable worksho
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Martin Hill - Director, AAMF 2015

  "Thanks for being our friend"

Happy Birthday Oasis Living – I still have a copy of your first issue and I’ve managed to collect every single one since. When we’ve gone on summer vacation, my friends make sure, when they pick up their copy of your magazine that they take one for me too.

I sometimes go through your back issues to remind myself of events I
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A T Kumar

  "Rock on."

As an avid listener of all genres of music, I’m assuming that by the end of this month of November, all of the events that have been scheduled for the Al Ain Music Festival will have had a wondrous turnout and an overwhelming ‘thank you’ will have been heard from the community as a whole. I’d also like to take this opportunity to
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Brett Cooper

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