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  "Hats off to you!"
I’m not sure if you’ll print this or not but I wanted to take the time to thank you for all the great content you constantly provide us with. The March issue was especially enjoyable as the kids and I had a hoot trying to find the bunnies.

My little one, Sam, even pulled out a magnifying glass to help in the hunt!

Oasis Livin
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Jen K.

  "Please stop littering"
With Earth Day coming up, I’ve been thinking more and more about how little so many of us seem to care about the environment.

As a dedicated reader of several years, I know your April issue will be themed around Earth Day so I’m hoping you’ll print this letter in it! I often see people throw plastic in paper bins and paper in bins f
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Rayah Hassan

  "Our Letter of the Month - March 2016
Huge Fan"

I’m a huge fan of Oasis Living, it’s basically a life guide for me. As someone who’s quite fond of sports, games, cars and the like, OL helps me keep up-to-date with everything that’s going on in town, which makes me look great in front of my friends!

Also, I really appreciate the fact that you have a Brain Teasers and Kids’ Corn
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Sinan Iqbal

  "All buckled up!"
Good on you OL for championing the Child Safety Seat Campaign again! I always made sure that my babies (all grown up now!) were buckled in and comfortable before heading out anywhere. I especially loved the checklist, as it is easy enough to cut out and stick up.

It’s really REALLY important to get that message out there, especially here
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Ayesha Mohamed

  "Many thanks!"
Hi Guys... LOVE your work at OL. Love the articles, the Word on the Street bit, your ‘Going Places’ and ‘Tried and Tasted’ columns are basically gold-star recommendations for me, no question about it!

What I enjoy a lot though, is your Agenda section. There’s just so much going around town that I never understand why most people
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Delilah Greene

  "It’s about the right attitude"
Shout out to Kevin Clarke-Brown whose Motivation articles always leave me feeling inspired, and arm me with the attitude that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it. His latest piece on adopting the right attitude really touched me because I’m at the point in my life where I have to make a life-changing decision – pick what to major-i
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Miriam K

  "Our Letter of the Month - February 2016
In the right direction"

I never put plans in place at the beginning of each year as I have never considered it essential. But last year I began to think of myself as a bit of a loser with zero-achievements! I asked myself ‘what am I doing with my life?’

I knew I needed to get a hold of myself and start working towards personal goals for both my life and my ca
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Rene Maher Mohamad

  "Our monthly entertainment"
Thank you Oasis Living for giving us each month a magazine that is very informative for everyone. I make sure I pick up a copy from either my local supermarket or Tawam Hospital and take it home. I am fond of cooking and I have found the recipes you publish very inspiring. I enjoy your features and hearing about the events happening in the communit
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Marina almeda-abrea

  "Loving the landscape"
I just want to give a shout out to all the hardworking landscapers and construction workers who’re always toiling away to make this city as beautiful as it is. Well done to Al Ain Municipality as well for your spectacular urban planning!

Living near the outskirts of Al Ain, it’s always a treat driving in and out of the City and being s
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saba akbar

  "No time to relax..."
After being back home for the holiday season, I was looking forward to getting back to Al Ain and having some time to myself in the more relaxed pace that January brings.

With so many activities that happened around Al Ain during December – the air championship, tree lightings, parties, holiday planning, and general end of term things we
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Dahlia powell

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