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  "Our Letter of the Month - June 2016
A diamond in the rough"

Hey OL team - I just recently moved to Al Ain to join my husband, and we were visiting Danat Al Ain Resort when I first spotted your magazine.

My husband tells me that this is a free, monthly publication, which I have now discovered, is absolutely fantastic! It was slightly disconcerting moving here from Dubai (which is filled with ma
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Serena D’Souza

  "Thanks for the new hobby…"
Thanks for informing us Al Ainites about the ‘world’s largest treasure hunt’!

My brother and I were lounging around at home one weekend, just after your magazine hit the streets in May, bored out of our minds, when I remembered reading about Geocaching in that issue. So we took out our phones, downloaded the apps, found out wher
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Marwa & Ahmed

  "Yay for the travel issue!"
I’m a long-term reader of OL, but a first time writer! I enjoy your magazine, and I absolutely loved May’s travel-dedicated issue and just had to send in a letter to tell you.

It was great reading about other peoples’ travels from their points of view, especially Yasir AlBehzad’s story whose character and persona is quite an in
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Chrissie Williams

  "Ramadan Kareem to all!"
With Ramadan fast approaching, I just wanted to write in and wish everyone a blessed month of self-reflection and growth. May we all rid ourselves of the worries that plague us, and focus on the importance of relationships between family and friends.

I also would like to extend a welcome to any new expats, who are new to the traditions
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Nada Khan

  "Our Letter of the Month - May 2016
Good Work!"

I want to compliment you on the excellent work you do bringing us all the updates on Al Ain and the interesting stories you write. Each edition of OL is great, impressive and informative and I love reading it and look forward to the next one hitting the streets!

When I read your magazine, I always find something to do around Al Ain in my f
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Kulsoom Maqsood

  "Going green!"
Just wanted to give a shout out to the OL team for putting together yet another amazing Earth Day issue!

The entire issue was filled with numerous informative eco- themed pieces, each more delightful than the last. That article on Aquaponics was especially enlightening as I hadn’t heard of that technique before, and I found out that you
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Jill C.

  "We’re ‘going places’!"
Whether this is printed or not, I just wanted to write in and thank you for OL’s ‘Going Places’ section. My husband and I are quite fond of travelling and find your reviews just as valuable as any TripAdvisor page – and more personal.

We’ve already hit up the Yas Island resort, and it was just as interesting as you described. We
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Prisha Rao

  "It’s about the right attitude"
Can I just say how awesome you are, OL? And how lucky I am? My family and I moved to Al Ain recently from Abu Dhabi, and in spite of the constant litanies of ‘I don’t want to go...’, my parents’ decision stood fast and so we moved here – yay! Yes, really, YAY because I now love living here, and part of the thanks goes to you! I was afrai
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Nada Khan

  "Our Letter of the Month - April 2016
Huge fan of Oasis Living!"

I always make sure to grab a copy of this magazine each month. I find it very useful with a number of interesting articles in it, which keeps me updated on whatever is happening in Al Ain.

As someone who really loves cooking, I’m also fond of your Recipes section which gives me many new recipes to try, which my father then tastes (and wh
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Humaira Jahangir

  "Treasure hunting"
Thank you OL for your Collector’s Corner article this month. I have been trying to find something from this area of the world that can really be a unique conversation piece for the home, and I think I might have finally found that object.

I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of Arabian chests out there. I certainly didn
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Denise Blasman

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