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  "Our Letter of the Month - September 2016
A journey with a mission"

I would like to congratulate the staff of Oasis Living for producing the extremely interesting and well written article, “Hakuna Matata in Zanzibar” in your July issue. I thoroughly enjoyed it for several reasons.

First of all, the destination itself is an amazing combination of natural beauty and fascinating history. The pic
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Sergio Berguno

  "Traffc 101"

And that about sums up every time I hit the road here in the UAE.

For a country with one of the highest recorded number of speeding violations and accidents, you’d think that people would start to take care more often than not.

And it’s not just the speeding, it’s the reckless driv
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Ala Hatam

  "Bedtime reading"
To be frank, the frst magazine that I was fond of and read was Oasis Living; I started to read this magazine during my vacation – and I got really used to it! Finally, it came to the point that I cannot sleep without reading it, I even started to read the old issues!

I love all the sections in the magazine. In particular, I love
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Shaji Paul

Another month, and another issue packed with creatively diverse content! Your magazine never fails to captivate. If it weren’t for Oasis Living, I would be stuck at home bingewatching TV shows on my sofa...

I just wanted to express my admiration of Dr Ahmed Alfaresi. It’s people like him that remind me that I’m always going to
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Sayyeda Tayyeb

  "Our Letter of the Month - August 2016
Beat the heat"

Summer is once more upon us, bringing with it its waves of heat and humidity, and all of us here in Al Ain are quite fortunate to not have to deal with the latter in the same intensity as our neighbours in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have to every day.

In fact, just the other day I was in Dubai to run a few errands, and the minute I stepped out
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Najma Ismail

  "Great publication"
I hope everyone (Oasis Living staff and all readers) had a fantastic Eid!

I really enjoyed reading the article on traditions of Eid Al Fitr from other cultures, it gave me insight into lots of other nationalities, and it was great to see my home country, Egypt, included as well.

Eid is a time for family and friends to g
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Hiba Mohamed

  "Our Letter of the Month - July 2016
Happy Planting!"

I read the article, ‘Write It All Down’ by Jodie Healy in your June issue about recording and noting down plant positions and watering amount and times. ?

This is a topic which is not so popular here due to the harsh weather conditions of the region (more sun, less shade), thus maintaining a green environment is a hard b
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Amir Shahin

  "Great publication"
Oasis Living is an amazing magazine for all age groups. It contains a ton of information about Al Ain, and each issue introduces something new and creative. I love reading OL in my free time!

It’s a great publication for both newcomers to the city and long time residents because it describes the culture and lifestyle of Al Ain, a
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Ayesha Mohammad Jahangir

  "Constant companion"
OL magazine has been my constant companion since I arrived in Al Ain back in December 2012, and I will be forever thankful to the magazine’s team for all the information provided each month.

You guys are a big part of my survival here in this lovely city, and I haven’t ever had a dull moment reading this fabulous magazine.
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Cheng B

  "Eid Mubarak!"
Firstly, I’d like to thank the OL team for putting together yet another splendid Ramadan issue. As an avid reader of three years, I’m always pleased to see the Ramadan guide in your issue. It’s quite important to spread this information to everyone, especially newcomers to this wonderful city and people who are looking to learn more abou
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Raina Raouf

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