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Nice job on the past issues – I am liking the content that's rolling in, and am always looking forward to the next issue. I do have a small complaint though, regarding the Word on the Street section.

While everyone enjoys a good light-hearted question like whether aliens exist or not, what the impact of watching the Olympics has
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Dina Hatam

This is nothing really to do with your magazine, but I am so glad 2016 is going to be over soon. Social media, especially Facebook, has been so depressing this year with everyone arguing about politics.

It has even come to the point where I have gone out for dinner in Al Ain and friends are arguing about the rights and wrongs of t
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Kirsty Savage

  "Our Letter of the Month - November 2016

I just came home from a long day at work in the pharmacy to fnd that the air conditioning is not working. I got so upset, then I saw the October edition of Oasis Living and the title The Sky is No Limit touched my soul!

I started reading it, and to tell you the truth I felt that I was in spring. The reporters seemed like butter?ies
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Azhar Talal

I absolutely admire the way you put together a community issue every month and while the Al Ain news is great to read about, I strongly feel that there are more pressing matters which need addressing as well, not just in the world but in Al Ain itself, like unemployment and lack of affordable housing, child neglect, domestic violence, and env
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Yusuf Iskandar

First off, let me say thank you for continuing to bring all of the great information about our beautiful Garden City to everybody each month. I know that in my household we greatly look forward to it.

Skimming through the pages of the last couple of issues I am seeing a different style from what we as readers have become accustome
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Angie Hamblett

I'm loving the new layout (it looks less cluttered for one) and also liking the new additions such as the food page on mannerisms. It was great to see a place like Germany getting some coverage on its cuisine considering the fact that when it comes to European fare, Italy is often in the spotlight.

I have two older sisters, and th
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Fatima Abbas

  "Our Letter of the Month - October 2016
Inspired to travel… when I have the cash"

I have been a long time reader of your magazine and I must admit the Going Places section is my favourite as I am obsessed with my dream of seeing the whole wide world. I love the story about Sri Lanka (this place is defnitely on my wish list now!) but the only problem is with all my expenses I don’t know when I will get to see these magical
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Maria Vera

  "Newly converted to OL"
Just recently my friend picked up your magazine in a shop, she was reading it and out of curiosity I asked to borrow it.

This was the frst time I read a magazine for almost two hours straight! The brain teasers and the kids’ corner caught my attention frst because I’m usually too lazy to read long articles but I enjoy playing p
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Ellen Cruz

  "Appreciation from a campus editor"
It all started with a short trip to Jimi Mall getting groceries, when I noticed the magazine stand and decided to take a look. The cover said "issue N70" which really took me by surprise! I was intrigued to see such a well-established magazine which has been around for years, and quickly took my free copy to read at home.

Now, I
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Nehal Elkilany

  "Where are the art galleries?"
I have lived in Al Ain for nine years and it is truly amazing – especially for families. But come on, where are all the art galleries and creative spaces? I heard we are getting a big new mall development, and of course hypermarkets keep opening – but surely there is more to life?

Wouldn’t it be cool if some new small places sprung
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Al Whitehead

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