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Published: Thursday, November 02, 2017    

Staff Report

Al Ain American Private School celebrates another successful anti-bullying campaign

The concept of bullying is an age-old issue which has plagued school grounds for decades covering everything from name-calling and teasing to actual physical harassment.

Fortunately, the years have seen the issue gain traction as more awareness has been raised worldwide especially in schooling systems where it is most witnessed.

Al Ain American Private School is one such establishment which dedicated a week near the end of October to run an anti-bullying campaign in its school in an effort to instill a good sense of right and wrong among its impressionable students.

Pupils participated in several activities and discussions such as assembly pledges against bullying in the hopes of promoting a spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance and compassion among the community. A special focus was also given to cyber-bullying this year in response to the growing need to teach children about the vulnerabilities of the Internet and, in particular, social media.

With a slogan of 'taking a stand, live the difference' in mind, the Principal of the school, Dr Wilfred Bock had this to say:

"Stand out from the crowd and stand up for those who are being teased or bullied simply because of how they are or look. Believe, like I do, that all kids deserve a safe environment to study and learn in."

"The main goal of our campaign was to enrich our students' understanding of bullying and equip them with strategies to help prevent future bullying and create a spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance and compassion within the school community," added Rima Saghier, the school's social worker.

Al Ain American Private School is also currently using its social media to ask other schools to share clips of how they deal with bullying, and also plan to visit other schools and univeristies within Al Ain to help raise more awareness among other learning communities.

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