Beauty with a conscience

Published: Thursday, November 02, 2017    

By Yara Boraie

Converted to veganism? Well, the revolution is not just about what you eat, but what you wear too – and that extends to the cosmetic brand you choose

W hile cruelty-free and vegan products are similar in that they are developed without being tested on live animals, the former is not exclusively animal-friendly. As opposed to vegan, some of the ingredients in a cruelty-free item are derived from dead animals, such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol, gelatin, and many more.

But there is good news. It turns out that you don’t have to take to hurting innocent, unknowing animals to look good. Scientists have upped their ante by fnally turning towards more humane and applicable methods such as actually testing on human cells and volunteers.

And what’s more, there has been a big increase in beauty cosmetics companies going vegan and adopting anti-animal testing policies thanks to an awakened social conscience – or getting exposed by the press and getting attacked by social media

As a result of this new trend, the Middle East-based beauty and fashion online store is serving up international brands that stand for animal rights such as: House of Lashes, Jouer Cosmetics, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Morphe, Makeup Addiction Cosmetics, among many others. Supplying a plethora of makeup, skin, hair and nail care as well as wellness and spa products from across the globe to your doorstep. has also curated some autumn essentials to make it easier for you to shop if you’re just starting on the vegan path. And with the great reaction we had to last month’s article on going vegan, we have tried out some of the main products before you buy…

Extreme WOW Effect Volume Mascara | LCN 100 per cent vegan mascara, sporting an exclusive combination of carnauba and candelilla waxes formulated to extend and curl.

OASIS LIVING SAYS: We all know that the secret to long lashes is to take care of and condition them daily, but that doesn’t mean that LCN’s promise was in vain. The wand is structured in which the tip can get to the corner lashes without smearing the skin around while the larger area spruces up the remaining lashes, providing volume and gloss.

To get that fuller look and extra lift for your lashes, use a hair dryer-heated eyelash curler frst, gently coat the lashes from bottom to top with the mascara, and then separate any clumping with a dry lash comb.

Perfection II | D.Benoit

A nude with pink undertones liquid lipstick from the gluten and paraben free Matte Lip Colour collection. OASIS LIVING SAYS: Ultra matte lips are always all the rage in autumn, and with a single coat application of this super pigmented formula, you can effortlessly balance a casual sweater and denim get-up during the day and/ or a simple, black jumpsuit partying at night. Apply a slightly darker shade of lip liner for some lip defnition then apply the lipstick to the centre of the lip and blend outward with a lip brush, and vice versa, creating an ombré effect.

Be careful though, unless you are super hydrated and your lips super moisturised, this lipstick is completely smudge-proof and may dry up your lips.

Hollywood Film Festival GLOW Collection | Melanie Mills Hollywood

Gleam Radiant Dust’s shades come in light, rose, bronze and deep gold of sheer pigment in a compact clam-shell case, with illuminating and moisturising ingredients lightly scented with vanilla essence and infused with Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, among others.

OASIS LIVING SAYS: Whether you've lived through a powder explosion in your handbag, or are haunted by the prospect of it, you need not fear anymore with this quartet of mini jars.

Flattering any skin type and tone, these can be applied as a highlight and a bronzer with a dry brush to accentuate your facial features, or – given its loose form – swept across shoulders and décolleté as a body illuminator. You can also dampen a brush with water or setting spray to intensify the colour and create a pearlescent fnish on your eyelids for that dramatic cut-crease. A rule of thumb though is to make sure you cover the fltering holes inside the containers with clear tape after each use to avoid the mess.

Herbal Travel Kit | Khadi Natural

Featured products include jasmine soap, amla & bhringraj shampoo, green tea Aloe Vera hair conditioner, and lavender & ylang ylang body wash as well as tulsi hair oil – all packed in a handy jute bag.

OASIS LIVING SAYS: This aromatherapy set has been created for frequent globe-trotters who can’t be bothered with the repacking and unpacking of fullsize toiletries that may or may not explode all over their luggage. However, due to the limited portions here, you will not be able to immediately tell whether or not these products live up to the brand’s name, which is Hindi for handmade, and see the results of healthier skin complexion and hair.
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