Keep it clean, keep it green

Published: Friday, February 17, 2017    

Abu Dhabi University students take the initiative to clean up Al Ain and preserve its nature

By Afrah Rathore

Al Ain is home to many tourist hot spots, however, their beauty is being tarnished due to poor waste disposal by visitors in the area. To tackle this problem, three Abu Dhabi University (ADU) students – Alia Al Shamsi, Awatef Al Hormodi and Mahnaz Al Balushi – have decided to launch a campaign ‘Clean together to keep Al Ain Green Forever,’ under the supervision of their professor Dr Azza A. Mohamed.

The trio hope that the campaign will also teach the younger generations about different ways to dispose waste.

The late president H.H Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan once said that environment is a precious part of our heritage, culture and future. “We aimed to promote this belief of the late president and remind the citizens of their responsibilities towards the environment,” said Al Balushi.

The campaign included information sessions, workshops and competitions for adults and children held at Green Mubazzarah. The attendees were also given a pot and seeds to learn about planting.

The logo of the campaign was designed by Al Shamsi with different colour reflecting love, hope, strength and energy.

“What makes me happy is that students used all knowledge gained to support their community and serve the environment,” said Dr Mohamed.

For more information, find them on Facebook and Instagram under cleanforalain.
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