Child Safety Seat Training at Al Ain Women’s College - With Babyshop, Cromwell Hospital And Oasis Living

Photos By Mika Loponen

Published: Monday, April 01, 2013    

This past month, Babyshop brought an assortment of children's car safety seats to the Al Ain Women's College, as well as a few experts to explain to the students how each of the different sized seats are used and for which age group.

But that was just the first part of the plan. Then, the students formed into groups and began preparing presentations about safety seats that would not only look at the reasons why every parent should use them every time, but also examine some cultural reasons why many people here are still hesitant to do so.

On the second day, representatives from Al Ain Cromwell Women and Children Hospital came to talk about the topic of car seats with a bit more emphasis on family health and statistics. The trainers from Babyshop had already shown the ladies how to use the seats, but Noreen Healy, Director of Nursing and Midwifery at Cromwell, wanted to send home the message of how using the seats directly affects babies as well as mothers. When the videos came on the screen, the shocked gasps from the crowd indicated that the message was indeed getting through.

We were happy to stop by and distribute some of our latest issues, which included feature stories on the topic, as well as the many photos from our photo contest, also done in cooperation with Babyshop, that showed just how many happy children are riding around secured in a safety seat.

On the third and final day, the students started making their presentations, and afterwards, we spoke with one of those groups. They explained that, no, they hadn't thought about using the seats before; it just never crossed their minds. But now that they had thought about the importance of keeping their children safe in the event of an unexpected car accident, they will be quite sure to use one every time. One student even said, "It is my first priority."

It was encouraging to see the immediate result of the educational and interactive events, and to know that the students will continue to spread their newfound message with their friends and family. It was clear from the students we spoke with that they have been impacted by the things they have seen and learned. Well done, everyone.
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