Going Places

Where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic

Irwin B Fletcher continues his adventure through South Africa to discover even more wonderful surpri Read more»  
Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2014 

Island stylin’ in Greece!

Daniel Sharpe goes Greek and island hops around some of the Aegean Sea’s most beautiful tourist sp Read more»  
Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 

Bravo Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is picture postcard perfect: clear skies, tall pines blowing gently in the breeze, a Read more»  
Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2014 

The silver city paved with black gold

Marina Bruce takes us on a tour of Aberdeen, a city nestling on the north-Eastern coast of scotl Read more»  
Posted on Friday, August 01, 2014 

Aqaba - A Jewel on Jordan's Red Sea Coast

For its size, Jordan holds a vast array of sightseeing potential in a relatively small area. petra Read more»  
Posted on Tuesday, July 01, 2014 
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