Reviving Legacies

Mar 01, 2018
100 former colleagues, friends and professionals to attend commemoration ceremony in the capital

Celebrating the legacy of the late Emirati poet and researcher Ahmed Rashid Thani, the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCTA) is honouring the 6th anniversary of his death by re-publishing nine of his books at a ceremony, to be held by the Department, sometime this month.

The ceremony will be held at the Department’s headquarters and be attended by 100 people including intellectuals, media professionals and researchers.

DCTA last year launched five initiatives to revive the legacy of the researcher, who passed away on 20 February 2012, under the title ‘Ahmed Rashid Thani... He Who Have Not Passed’.

The initiatives included publishing manuscripts left by the late poet, comprising poetry, novels and heritage-related research, as well as the re-publication of his earlier books. These include many reference books in fields like the documentation of oral heritage, folklore, poetry and theatre.

“The committee responsible for the manuscripts left by the late Thani has scrutinised the manuscripts found at his house and his office at the Cultural Foundation, and decided that a series of books will be printed after revision,” said Abdulla Majid Al Ali, Acting Executive Director of the National Library Sector at DCTA.

The selected manuscripts along with a collection of sold-out valuable books will be available at the ceremony. Nine new titles will be presented including: ‘Zaman Yedhrob Zaman’ , a dictionary comprising vocabularies used in Emirati stories, and ‘Bain Al Mushafahawal Kitaba’ (Between Oral Narration and Writing).

Also presented will be the oral narration series, which includes books such as ‘Rehla Ela Al Seer’, ‘Ibn Dhaher’, a documentary research covering the poetry and biography of Emirati poet Ahmed bin Dhaher, and the childrens’ illustrated storybook, ‘Al Jabal Allathee Eshtara Baqara’ (The Mountain that Bought a Cow).

Thani’s eight poetry anthologies entitled ‘The Poems of Ahmed Rashid Thani 1985-2009’ will be republished later this year, along with his two plays, namely ‘The Cage of Madagascar’ and ‘ElaabwoGhol El Sitr’.

Ahmed Rashid Thani was born in KhorFakkan in 1962. He is one of the most renowned UAE poets, in both Nabati and Fasih poetry, while his prose texts mainly revolve around existential contemplation.

Thani also produced many theatrical plays criticising social transformations, along with a rich collection of documentary research and studies covering narrative and oral heritage.

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