Awatef Alharmodi

Pushing Things Forward

Mar 01, 2018
Business leaders, innovators and captains of industry across the UAE unite for cutting-edge initiative to enhance gender equality in economic and societal development

Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) has marked the Year of Zayed by launching a mentorship programme designed to honour the Founding Father’s vision by facilitating the participation of women across socio-economic life.

The first of its kind, this programme will bring the UAE’s captains of industry in tailored partnership with the Council’s entrepreneurial members. DBWC members will gain valuable personal and professional insights and advice to help them navigate complex business situations in pursuit of their dreams.

DBWC has been leading the path to increased female-led economic success by encouraging women to formulate and pursue their own ambitions through unique activities such as diverse as Arab women in sport, women in finance, and the role of Dubai’s business sector in challenging gender distinctions.

“The Council embodies the values of progression; leadership pioneered by the Sheikh Zayed, the Father of the Nation. We are committed to driving innovation and change for gender parity. I am confident that the ‘Spirit of Zayed’ mentorship programme will play a vital role in our progression towards a society that challenges bias and better distributes opportunity to ensure women can succeed as equals in business and social development," said Dr Raja Al Gurg, President of Dubai Business Women Council.

“With the programme bringing together captains of industry the whole gamut of sectors: banking and financial services, real estate, fashion and beauty, technology and cyber security, media, consulting and government enterprises, we are once again demonstrating our support for women to believe in the power of their ambitions, no matter what they may be,” she added.

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