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April's Joy

May 01, 2018
Recap of happenings at AESGC's Rugby Club

The month of April started out with a bang at the Inaugural Barrelhouse 10s in Jebel Ali. Both the mens’ women’s team took part in this tournament. The women’s team contested valiantly against some very strong competition. The Vets were runners-up in the veteran’s competition, and the Men’s team were victorious, bringing home the trophy, showing their dominance in the 10s format against some strong opposition.

The men’s fnals was held at Dubai Sport City on Friday, 13 April. Where some may see it as unlucky, the Amblers would say it was quite the opposite. They played against the Jebel Ali Dragons, a team that seems to have a bit of brut and brawn over the Amblers. However, the fnesse and skill the Amblers showed in the match was what carried them through to be the victors.

Youth awards night was on 19 April at the club. The youth teams were recognised for their efforts and participation throughout the season. Medals and trophies were given to the players and the club provided pizza and drinks for the little Amblers.

The Under 14s all the way up to the Adult team were given their awards on Thursday, 26 April. The celebration was an evening to reflect on the season and applaud the efforts and accomplishments of all participants, from players to coaches to parents. We are very proud of our teams in Al Ain, and the two award evenings were a way to show our appreciation for the community that has evolved around the game of rugby.

Prior to the senior awards night, the Rugby Ball was revived. We had 115 people attend our end of the year Masquerade Ball. Our sponsors, along with those people who call the club ‘home’ for the majority of the year, came to celebrate the end of the season. It was hosted at McGettigan’s Pub in their garden area.

The food was delightful, there was a live band in the pub and the music was piped into the garden, and the drinks were flowing. There were a variety of traditional masquerade masks, and then some more unique takes on the theme. Prizes were given away throughout the night, and a dance floor was created in an empty space by the buffet area. It was a phenomenal evening.

April has come and gone and another year is almost complete. There are still several events to look forward to as we move into the summer months which are the best months to be able to come and have a dip in the pool.
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