Bridging Gaps

May 01, 2018
Arab World Institute named 2018's Cultural Personality of the Year

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award recently announced that L’Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA), or the Arab World Institute, is the winner of its 12th edition’s Cultural Personality of the Year title. The honourary award recognises prominent fgures and entities for their unique contributions to the advancement of the Arab culture, and for works that portray tolerance and promote peaceful coexistence.

Since its establishment in 1980, the institution has promoted cooperation and cultural exchange between France and the Arab world, in terms of language, science and technology as well as supporting Arab authors and scholars.

"The Sheikh Zayed Book Award has grown to be an embodiment of the vision of Abu Dhabi in fostering culture and creativity and promoting communication with the global community; this is reflected in the choice of the ‘Arab World Institute’ as the most deserving entity to win this year’s title, in light of its leading role in founding the cultural Arab-European dialogue and promoting the cultural exchange between the two nations,” said HE Saif Saeed Ghobash, member of the Award’s Board of Trustees.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award recognises cultural achievements across one of the broadest and most diverse areas of any cultural awards internationally. The Winner of the Cultural Personality of the Year Award receives a prize of Dh1,000,000, a gold medal bearing the Sheikh Zayed Book Award logo, and a certifcate of merit.

“The legacy that the Arab World Institute enjoys, and its long list of contributions to the cultural communication between the Arab and European nations, establishes a strong foundation for it to win the title,” said Dr Ali Bin Tamim, Secretary General of Sheikh Zayed Book Award.
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