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Sep 08, 2018
World's fastest-growing museum chain to open in Dubai on 12 September

This month, famed Museum of Illusions will be setting up its biggest edition in Dubai's Al Seef area, near Dubai Creek.

Since opening for the first time in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015, six further Museum of Illusions have quickly followed and over half a dozen more are slated for 2018 alone, including Athens, New York, Toronto and Berlin.

The Dubai branch will boast the largest collection of optical illusions in the Museum of Illusions’ worldwide portfolio, featuring 80 installations of all shapes and sizes, tantalisin visitors in a unique visual and sensory experience.

A flagship attraction in the heritage and cultural development on Dubai Creek, the full line-up of exhibits at Museum of Illusions Dubai is a closely-guarded secret until its formal opening on 12 September.

The Dubai venue will feature the Vortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that tricks the brain into thinking the ground under their feet is shifting, as well as the Ames Room where guests shrink or grow depending on their position in the exhibit.

Unlike traditional museums, visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibits and take as many photos as they can during their visual, sensual and educational adventure – all part of the Museum’s charm.

“Museum of Illusions Dubai exhibits have been carefully selected to ensure the widest possible appeal to the city’s uniquely cosmopolitan residents and international tourists,” said Varvara Svischeva, Manager of Museum of Illusions Dubai.

“The human brain is an incredibly complex computer that perceives and interprets reality through an elaborate process of gathering information from each of our senses. When engaging with our illusions, the mind will combine some details and exclude others to create a sensory experience that defies logic. It’s always incredible seeing the universal human response to Museum of Illusions exhibits – it’s the same reactions all over the world,” she added.

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