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Sep 08, 2018
Tadweer launches Al Dhafra Deserves campaign to educate the public on the best ways to preserve an urban environment

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), in collaboration with Al Dhafra Region Municipality, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority the and Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Center recently launched a two-month awareness campaign in Al Dhafra Region titled Al Dhafra Deserves. The launch coincided with Tadweer’s participation in the 14th edition of the Liwa Date Festival.

Seeking to educate the public about the best ways to curb undesirable habits and practices that disturb the aesthetics of the general landscape, the Al Dhafra Deserves campaign has been running since August and will run throughout September and comprises several workshops on effective waste disposal.

In addition, municipal authorities have joined hands with Tadweer in conducting inspection tours to ensure the aesthetic appeal of the landscape is maintained.

Al Dhafra Municipality is also coordinating with Tadweer to educate store owners about the need to ensure public hygiene and monitor any disruptions to the landscape at construction sites and across residential areas. For their part, Abu Dhabi Farmers Services Center and Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority will introduce farm owners to best-in-class waste management practices.

“This campaign to preserve the natural appeal and aesthetic value of our environment is aligned with Tadweer’s wider strategy to increase awareness about policies that protect the environment and public health.

We seek through this campaign to create a safe and healthy environment in Al Dhafra Region in cooperation with our partners and to eliminate any wrongful practices in terms of handling waste as well as overcoming the adverse effects of such practices,” said Dr Salem Khalfan Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager at Tadweer.

“The campaign targets all social segments and aims to inculcate a culture of social responsibility across Al Dhafra Region. We hope to encourage all residents and visitors to completely curb random disposal of waste. Individuals need to act responsibly to protect their environment and report any violations to the center. In doing so they enable us to conduct inspection tours of all neighborhoods, farms, construction sites, retail stores, and public parks in Al Dhafra and take the required action to mitigate harmful practices.

“Some of the most flagrant examples of wrong waste management practices that need to be handled effectively and eradicated include disposing of waste outside dedicated bins, the random trashing of farm and construction waste, as well as ad hoc disposal of furniture, electronic waste, and carcasses of dead animals,” he added.

Tadweer has invited the public to report any violations that can have an adverse environmental impact and eventually cause health problems and diseases by contacting the Abu Dhabi Government Call Center at 800 555.
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