Goodbye Wifi, Hello Life

Oct 05, 2018
A new group is making a social connection by encouraging UAE residents to go offline and get outside

A new group called Mafi Wi-Fi in Dubai is going from strength to strength in its mission to get people to do more sports activities by ditching the internet – at least for a bit – and getting back into an active life.

Started in March, the initiative has already netted impressive results with dozens of people shaking off their sedentary lives to get fighting fit.

Wearing T-shirts bearing a no Wi-Fi symbol, group members can often be seen running marathons, navigating their way through obstacle courses, or simply playing sport for the fun of it outside.

Members regularly take part in obstacle courses and have proudly adopted the slogan "our connection is stronger than Wi-Fi"

The idea for the group was born when one of the founders was appointed as a brand ambassador for the Old School Challenge obstacle race in Ajman.

“I was planning to go to the race myself, and then the organisers asked me to become ambassador for the event, so I put a group together with my husband Mohammed and my friend Dana Ibrahim,” said Lolla Todorovic, a sports physiotherapist and rescue diver.

“We had to come up with a name, so we thought let’s put up something old school and before Wi-Fi.”

Mafi Wi-Fi – which means no Wi-Fi in Arabic – swiftly grew in popularity through word-of-mouth and through social media itself as people spotted their Instagram posts (@MafiWifi).
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