Down To Chit Chat

May 01, 2018
The UAE's frst local messenger launches

An all-in-one package, Flochat is an evolved messaging app, where you can chat, book, order, transact, browse and share content all within one platform through its integration with services like Zomato, Groupon, Careem, Uber, Bing, and Youtube.

Along with the option of text chat, it also includes features like EmoGIFS – converting Emojis to GIFs - diverse audio flters, and a new selfe feature called Stitch which allows you to click multiple selfes in one frame using fun flters to showcase your different moods.

The most popular feature of Flochat, though, is Floda, a colourful personality whose job is to help you with anything, from offering information and answering questions, to helping you make bookings to save time. Watch out for Floda's sarcastic side though, which often pops up when she's not in a good mood.

“Flochat has revolutionised how we can communicate on a single platform as it allows you to converse and access your daily service needs within one app," said Zoya Bilgrami, Managing Director of Flochat in UAE.

"We have strategically aligned with a plethora of popular local brands in UAE to ensure that our users will be able to enjoy the services of their favourite apps on Flochat. More well-known partner brands are coming on board in 2018 and users are going to continue to have an amazing experience using Flochat,” she added.

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