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Wrapping Up

Jul 01, 2018
Monthly tidings from AESGC's Al Ain Rugby Club

Recently, a select bunch of senior men's players embarked on the annual tour to Thailand to play in the Phuket International 10s rugby tournament. This year, the club entered a veteran's team to play games against teams from all over the eastern hemisphere.

A glorious start saw the Amblers victorious against the hosts, the Phuket Viagrabonds with a 26-12 score. In their next match though, the Amblers fell to the Wrinkley Assassins from Singapore whose speed got the better of our slower players. Then, a win in our third match against the Singapore Bucks set up a semi-final match where we left a little downtrodden with a score of 15-21.

Meanwhile, Al Ain women's rugby team has been gearing up for their annual rugby tour. This year they have changed tournaments to compete in the Cebu ladies 10s tournament held in the Philippines. Although the team played 7s throughout the season, here in the UAE, they are looking forward to the physicality that 10s tournament brings especially with their hard running forward pack.

The first week of June then saw two mixed touch rugby games take place in the Dubai Exiles Summer Touch Rugby tournament at the Dubai 7s stadium. While both teams are quite strong teams, the competitive team were a stand-out in their pool, winning 3 out of 4 of their pool matches. The pool match they lost was a 5-0 whipping by the hosts, Dubai Exiles.

However, the Amblers got their revenge in the final, when the top two teams went through to the final.

Again, the Amblers faced off with the favorites... The Dubai Exiles. It was an intense game to watch, with a surprising 4-4 result at the end of the match. This now meant that 3 players from each team had to leave the field, leaving 3 verse 3. The first team to score were to be the victorious team, and that team so happened to be the Al Ain Amblers!

The end of the rugby season also brought a new coach, Wihan Grobler (who is also a team player), as the new men’s 1st team coach. He has a passion for sport and fitness, rugby in particular coming from South Africa where the love for the sport is instilled in children from a young age.

For next season, the coaches are hoping to continue to progress in the game of rugby. They will target meeting the needs of the individual player to make sure each person gets the best out of rugby.
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