Putting Fitness First

Apr 01, 2018
New health app launches

FitnessYard.com region’s leading ftness and healthy , one of the Middle East lifestyle websites, recently launched a new version of its innovative mobile application ‘TransformMe’ to help users in the Arab region live a healthier lifestyle. With an acute emphasis on diet and exercise, TransformMe aims to help users achieve their ftness goals based upon tried-and-true methods grounded in scientifc research developed in conjunction with scientifc organisations and leading global health and wellness research institutions.

Over 65,000 people downloaded the earlier version of TransformMe; the new version will build on this success and is expected to become one of the most heavily utilized health and wellness applications in the Middle East.

TransformMe gives a focus to both healthy eating as well as routine exercise programmes by checking on all discrete elements that affect daily lifestyle and, through a holistic approach, then enabling the user to pinpoint problem areas and modify these behaviours to achieve ftness goals.

When the application is installed, users are asked questions regarding their current ftness level, preferred training days, exercise experience and desired ftness. The application then builds a bespoke weekly action plan and offers real-time progress reports that together have been demonstrated to help users achieve their goals.

It updates food and exercise plans for users on a weekly basis based on the previous week’s achievements, helping users to track their progress and remain motivated. TransformMe will regularly notify the user of progress and track the user’s biometric variables, providing the user with information and alerts necessary to act.

TransformMe is dynamic and can be installed on both Android and iPhone devices in both English and Arabic languages. Users can download the App from Google Store or Apple Store for a trial period free of charge, and will then be charged a monthly subscription fee of only Dh22 should they choose to continue.
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