Living Clean, Living Green

Jul 01, 2018
The largest vertical garden in the region unveiled in Dubai

In a bid to promote sustainable living, Dubai Properties recently unveiled the Middle East’s largest living green wall at Dubai Wharf, located in the heart of Culture Village overlooking the historic Dubai Creek.

Extending 210m in length and rising six meters high, the vertical garden spans 1,260 sq m and hosts over 80,000 plants forming a leaf canopy area equivalent to that of 200 trees. This garden is then capable of offsetting an estimated 4.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

It's made using geo textile grow bags filled with peat substrates enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). This allows for better root growth, irrigation and drainage in the UAE climate that can often get quite harsh during the long summers.

“As one of the top 20 happiest countries in the world and the happiest in the Arab region, according to the World Happiness Report 2018, the UAE is a keen supporter of sustainable living environments that are known to enhance the quality of life and elevate happiness levels,” said Raed Al Nuaimi, Group Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Properties.

“The Dubai Wharf Green Wall instils a sense of serenity throughout the neighborhood while supporting the local ecosystem and beautifying the surroundings," he added.

Green walls are a relatively new concept worldwide, with 93 per cent installed after 2007. Found mostly in urban environments, where the plants help reduce the overall temperature of the buildings (by up to five degrees Celsius), many of the best-known green walls are located in public places, such as airports and shopping malls.
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