Dana Telford, special to Oasis Living

Ending With A Bang

Jun 01, 2018
Rugby season may be winding down for the summer, but the Al Ain Rugby Club still has more to offer

Last month kicked off with the Al Ain Rugby Club's Annual General Meeting which saw the election of the 2018-2019 Committee. Afterwards, on 10 May, the club honoured the coaches of the club teams, from the children to the adults as the teams could not do without these great coaches. They not only help further the game of rugby from year to year, but they also provide guidance and leadership to the youth, young adults, and adults alike. The evening was filled with recognition, food and drinks for those coaches.

The end of May then saw the men’s team take their annual tour to Phuket, Thailand which is always a highlight of the season. They played rugby, got some much-needed rest, and enjoyed the brotherhood of the sport.

With Ramadan and summer here, the rugby season is winding down, however, there are still a number of activities taking place so be sure to inquire about a summer club membership if you don’t already have one. The use of the pool in these hot temperatures is a great way to cool off.

To truly end in fashion, the annual end of-the-year bash will be taking place at the end of this month, on 28 June. There will be activities for the kids and a fun, family atmosphere for everyone to have one last get together before going our respective ways this summer.

Drop a call to 03 702 6431 for more information.
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