Katherine Benson

Fit Fever

Oct 05, 2018
Summer may have ended but fitness is a year-round commitment. Here are some expert tips on meeting your workout goals When it comes to fitness, there are four main goals people wish to hit: weight loss, toning, increasing endurance and building muscle. To accomplish any one of these goals, a clear fitness regime needs to be set.

Coach Katherine Benson from Fitness First provided her expert advice.


The main focus should be on creating a deficit with energy in versus energy out. Therefore, you should be looking for exercises with high-energy (calories) expenditure as well as looking at the energy (calories) that you are consuming - cycling, circuit training, and swimming are good exercises.


If your aim is to tone up then you need ensure you are lifting weights - this could be body weight, fixed machines or free weights like dumbbells and barbells. Combine HIIT workouts with weights to create an 'after-burn effect'. Pilates is good for strengthening your core.


Mix super-set workouts which keep switching internsiy gears with low-impact balancing workouts, like yoga, for the best results. Yoga especially helps lengthen the body which will make it more mobile following the high-energy classes advised previously.


To maximise strength gains, you need to keep the weight high and the reps low - always consider this when selecting your weights, and don't forget to target all the muscles in your body. Don't just focus on one section every day. Your core is especially important as a strong core will mean you can lift heavier, with better form in the future.
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