Tips On How To Work Anywhere

Zaki Ameer, Founder and CEO of Dream Design Real Estate and a self-made multi-millionaire, explains how you can ditch normal office life for good
In more ways than you can count, the Internet has completely revolutionised the way we work. New opportunities, careers, and systems have been born from this now everyday technology. In varying degrees, many individuals have chosen to leverage this technology in order to simultaneously work and travel.

There are of course two sides to this spectrum; the independent nomad, trotting the globe and changing locations every other month only taking their laptop and smartphone along for the ride, and then there is the small business owner, who is based out of a central office and can effortlessly travel the world in short bursts at a time, conducting business as usual.

An increasing number of jobs are becoming mobile and less location-dependant, allowing professionals to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy some ‘bleisure’ time (mixing business with leisure). Combining your career with the freedom to travel means you can work on your own terms and on your own schedule.

Here are the five best tips on how to ditch your desk and work from anywhere in the world:

1. One step at a time.

More often than not, this process will involve baby steps, not one giant leap to lounging on a tropical island with a coconut in one hand and your smartphone in the other. For freelancers, start-ups, sole traders, and small companies, a co-working space might be your first step towards freedom. A co-working space allows for you to rent a desk and share printers and coffee machines. With a rapidly increasing number of these facilities opening up throughout Australia and globally, this is the best way to test the waters as you begin to be less location-dependant.

2. Streamline your business.

For an established business, it may be necessary to have your own office space for the running of specific operations, but there is no reason to be location specific. For a business owner or manager to be able to work and travel, you will need to streamline and structure your team in a way that it can function seamlessly without you physically being in the office. It’s also important not to forget the effectiveness of the human touch and a face-to-face approach. For some businesses, having a face-to-face aspect will be important and influential in building relationships which your team can execute on your behalf.

3. Use social media to its fullest extent.

If you are a fully committed nomadic entrepreneur, without a central office and constantly on the road, obviously the face-to-face approach won’t be an option with most of your clients. This is where social media plays an integral part in humanising your business. Using the various forms of social media to reach your clients makes them feel as though they are being engaged on a regular basis. Leveraging social media to form that connection when a physical presence is not available is crucial.

4. Hire a virtual staff.

If you have started a business solo and find that it’s quickly growing, or if you’re often in areas without a stable Internet connection and constantly on the move, it might be time to consider hiring some team members. Thankfully, other clever entrepreneurs have established virtual staff-finding services. Essentially, this type of service locates about three potential candidates for you to choose from, and if they have the right skills for you and your business, then you’re all set. These people may not be in the same country as you but this won’t matter since your communication will be done virtually.

5. Use your new lifestyle to your advantage.

Regularly changing locations has many advantages for your business. Simply being exposed to new markets and meeting new people will give you access to new clients and suppliers, and potential partnerships may even blossom. This is where networking will be essential in connecting with other entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts nearby. Take the time to research the area you are in, understand the markets and look for relevant events and meet-up opportunities.


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