The Hottest New Family Toy Of 2018 Arrives In The Uae – Can You Pass It Before Meltdown?

Toys that kids will love this coming Festive Season

Say Hello to Grumblies!

These latest must-haves are fiery, grumpy and very mischievous. However, they are also very funny little creatures that are set to provide hours of fun and giggles for the whole family.

Bolt Electricity Grumblies have shocking dispositions, generating thunder storms and lightning strikes. Maniacal outbursts of laughter are a sign of Bolt’s mental instability. He may be a little crazy.

HydroWater Grumblies have explosive tantrums, resulting in hurricanes and tidal waves. Hydro’s a slippery little guy with a weaselly personality. He lacks in manners, but has a witty sense of humour.

Scorch –Fire Grumblies are quick to blow their tops, creating lava-spewing volcanoes and magma flows. One of the more mischievous Grumblies, Scorch’s red-hot fur matches his fiery attitude.

Tremor – Earth Grumblies are hard-headed and crusty, causing earthquakes and landslides. Tremor’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but he’s definitely the gassiest. “Better out than in” he always says.

 Certainly these new characters in town will make the cut on your child’s wish list for this coming festive season.



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